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Art Basix

Basic training for painting

The course is designed for relaxation for busy executives by doing painting.Creating a piece of art by one’s own hand can be a good de-stressing exercise. The activity will have a structure as the flow of the lessons will be similar to what is taught in Art College. But will be very flexible and the executive may jump straight on to the activity of their choice. The course may be adapted for School children too if needed.

Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation has more than 1000 artists registered with it from all over India who will be the Art Trainers for the course. It is proposed to give the name of the artist and his/her contact number to the executive interested and the two can then arrange their timings and payment terms between and by themselves. The Foundation does not expect anything from either the Artist or the executive.

The course shall cover the following:

1. Introduction to Art materials and Tools:
Paper (of various types like cartridge, handmade, rice paper, and so on), Stretched canvas, board; Tools: Techniques of Pencil, Charcoal, Brush, Roller, and Sponge (One or Two lessons)

2. Introduction to Layout:
Forms, colours, colour schemes, perspective, basic compositions, texturesand Mediums: Pencil, charcoal, dry and oil pastels, poster colour, water colour, acrylicpaints, oil paints (Not more than 4 lessons should be devoted to this.)

3. Themes and Visualization:
Drawing: objects, nature, drawing from life, on the spot sketching
Painting: landscape, still life, portraiture

Composition techniques such that the executive shall be able to conceive his own work after the course. Creating concepts and giving them forms based on previous exercises of drawing and painting Creating abstract artworks with play of colours to soothe the mind and help in bringing out the expression of the executive.

The course shall be spread to over a period of a few months with practice lessons going on longer as per the requirement of the executive opting for the course.

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