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About PDAF and Inner Wheel


The Mission of Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation, a non-profit organization, is to network the Artist Community, to recognize and publicize the work of talented emerging artists from all parts of India .

International INNER WHEEL formed in 1924 in Manchester, U.K. came to India in 1955. It has spread throughout India under the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and has grown to have 27 Districts, 1147 Clubs with 35,000 members making it largest social association of women In the world.

The following Inner Wheel District Chairmen are supporting the PDAF programs in India:

  1. Dist 304-Sadhana Jain, (Indore)
  2. Dist 308 Sangita Trehan, (Chandigarh)
  3. Dist 313 Dinaz Tarapore, (Pune)
  4. Dist 314 Falguni Mehta, (Mumbai)
  5. Dist 317 Jayashree Paliwal, (Goa)
  6. Dist319 Girija Ananth, (Bengaluru)
  7. Dist 329 Jayashree Paul Chowdhury (Kolkata)

The activities taken up by the IW Clubs are for community service in various forms, betterment of girl child and less-privileged children, conservation of natural resources and preservation of environment.

Inner Wheel clubs conduct Balanand Art competitions for school children as a part of Art Talent Appraisal Program of PDAF. The members of the IW club actively promote PDAF’s Raganand program of Indian Classical Music for school children.

Inner Wheel Districts co-host the Kalanand functions with PDAF to serve the artist community.





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