Artists Details
  • Name of the Artist: Rajasekhar Tippana
  • Email:
  • Education: Diploma/ Degree in Art
  • First Show: 2012
  • Last Show: Current year
  • About the Artist:
    I am RAJASEKHAR TIPPANA. I am from (Visakhapatnam) INDIA I completed my graduation in BFA and MFA from (AU) ( Andhra University ). At the beginning art is my passion, later on it became my profession. My artistic production has focused on interaction with the environment. I would like work on different mediums. I'm present working digital media. Now I want to continue my education in art and want to articulate myself in the art world. I want to continue my practice in drawing, painting, digital art, photography and installations.
Artwork Submitted
  • Genre: Painting
  • Title: Daily Activities
  • Size: 60 x 60 inches
  • My artwork(s) have been purchased by people since: Painting
  • The image shown above artwork is my own creation in: Painting
  • Description:
    Daily Activities